Water Damage Photo Gallery

Sheetrock removed to reveal wet concrete wall

Water does not just sit, it wicks up into many different materials

The water that damaged this home, caused many different problems. Luckily our team was able to properly remove the water damaged materials and dry the areas that were salvageable. It was amazing how much moisture was trapped behind the wet sheetrock in this room.

floor of home with flooring removed revealing the plywood and where it meets the sliding glass door.

Water removal needed after a toilet overflow

Water removal is a crucial step in the water mitigation process. Extracting as much of the standing water as possible will aid in speeding up the drying process. Then by placing our high powered drying equipment we will also speed up the evaporation process which will help to prevent mold.

Standing water in a kitchen covering the hard wood floors in front of the oven

Supply lines can break and it can cause major damage

When the line that supplies water to your kitchen appliances malfunctions, the repercussions can be catastrophic. This Sunland Village homeowner learned that lesson. They called us when they came home to this watery mess. The supply line to their refrigerator leaked and quickly covered the floors with water. We were able to send a crew quickly to get it cleaned up and dried.

Removing wet sheetrock is a key step

Our team is highly trained on when it is the right situation to ensure the removal of wet sheetrock. This home in Mesa was one such case where the sheetrock needed to be removed. We also set out air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the area completely.

The invasion of water can leave a definite mark

This Mesa homeowner called our team when they had a supply line break. There was a massive amount of water throughout the entire home. We were able to use our extracting equipment to remove the standing water and we also set out the proper amount of drying equipment to dry the home.

Water can cause major damage if not mitigated properly

SERVPRO of Mesa East has the proper training and the required equipment to get your home or business dried properly. Water is incredibly damaging when not removed and dried properly. Let us help you prevent secondary damage.

Water Damage Tackled

This Mesa homeowner was devastated by the water that wreaked havoc in their home.  Luckily they knew who to call.  SERVPRO of Mesa East has the properly trained experts to get the damaged materials out of the home and dry the area completely!

Hurricane Sandy

This home suffered from significant amounts of water and storm damage in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. The SERVPRO Storm Team responded and used professional air movers and dehumidifiers to remove the water and moisture from the home. 

On Location

Here is an image of our water restoration team on location at a home that has suffered a large water loss. Our team is here and ready to serve you any time day or night!

Wet Ceiling

A water loss upstairs in this home caused the ceiling in this room to become saturated with water and, as you can see, the ceiling was starting to come down. If you have water damage like this, give us a call!

Water Damage Causes Mold

In this image you can see mold growing as a result of a water loss in this home. We brought in equipment such as the air mover you see here to help dry up any excess moisture before performing the repairs.

Living Room Water Damage

This home had a severe water loss situation that affected the living room in this picture. Our team responded quickly and removed all the water and repaired all the damage quickly. If you have water damage, call us!

Flood Cuts For Drying

When a home is flooded due to water loss, we will often perform flood cuts above the flood line to remove the damaged drywall as well as insulation that has been damaged by the water.

We love our customers

Feriz received several dozen cookies from a homeowner as a thank you for a water mitigation job we did for her recently. We love making our customers happy. If you have a water loss, give us a call!