Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Sheetrock over the door frame has been removed exposing water damaged framing to home from ceiling

Roof damage can allow water to damage your home

When your Mesa home has roof damage whether it is caused by a storm or age, it needs to be repaired promptly. When water leaks in through the damaged roof, the water damage can quickly escalate to mold damage, costing you much more than just a roof repair. 

Flooding clean up

Many of our customers do not realize that this can be a part of flood clean up process. We have removed all the damaged materials and need to deep clean the floors due to the bacteria that was in the flood water.

Flooded Bathroom

This home in Colorado was flooded from a severe storm and had water standing from the basement to the main level. It is one of the homes we were involved in helping restore following this heavy flooding.

Cleaning Up Hurricane Damage From Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was a catastrophic storm event that impacted the homes and businesses of many people in the New Jersey area. Our team was involved in the clean up and restoration process following this severe weather event.

Severe Flooding

This home was one of many that was affected by flooding in Colorado in 2014. Our team was called help with the clean up and get families back into their homes following this flooding event.

Storm Cleanup At The New Jersey Shore

A major storm event caused a lot of damage at the New Jersey Shore and our team was there to assist in cleaning up and repairing the damage. If you have storm damage, give us a call!

Helping Clean Up After Floods In Colorado

Heavy floods impacted Boulder, Colorado in 2014. The home in this image was one of the many that were damaged during this storm event. There was 13 feet of water standing in this home at one point. Our team was able to assist in the cleanup.

Cleaning Up After Sandy

Our team helped with the clean up from Hurricane Sandy. The damage caused by this hurricane was catastrophic. Our team worked hard to help this community get their homes and businesses back following this event.