Recent Before & After Photos

Ceiling Mold Problems

This poor family had a water damage in their home while they were on vacation. We admit that most of the water cleanup jobs we do during the holidays are after ... READ MORE

Why is there mold growing?

This was a pretty bad black mold problem for this homeowner. Whenever there is a water problem you will be able to find mold. Water problems could be from flood... READ MORE

Flooding from Broken Pipe

A broken pipe flooded this office building with gallons and gallons of water. SERVPRO of Mesa Eat received the call from the insurance provider to assess the si... READ MORE

Sewage Cleanup in Mesa, Arizona

This home had a sewer backup problem and the owners didn’t know exactly what to do. They called their insurance knowing they could get answers there. SERV... READ MORE

How does drying equipment help?

After a home or business has had a broken supply line or other water intrusion it will migrate and move as far as it can go. The migration is helped by the buil... READ MORE

Where do I start when my ceiling caves in?

Coming home to this site is massively overwhelming. "Where do I start?" "What do I do first?" "Who can help me get this mess cleaned up quickly?"1. Contact SER... READ MORE

Flood Cuts On Water Job

This home had a water loss in the kitchen when a pipe under the sink broke. The crew of SERVPRO of Mesa East responded quickly and began addressing the situatio... READ MORE

Upstairs Water Leak

A leaking pipe upstairs in this home caused the damage you see pictured here. Notice the damage to the ceiling. When the crew of SERVPRO of Mesa East arrived, w... READ MORE

Drying Carpet After Water Loss

The team here at SERVPRO of Mesa East was brought in to clean up and repair this home after a water loss due to a broken pipe. When we arrived, our first priori... READ MORE

Flood Cleanup

This home was flooded by a storm water intrusion and the crew of SERVPRO of Mesa East was tasked with the repair and cleanup. Our team was fast to respond to th... READ MORE