Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Equipment and Containment

In this image, you can see we are already in the process of cleaning up the damage this home suffered due to a fire. You can see that there has been a containment barrier placed at the ceiling and an air mover in the floor.

Debris From Fire

When this home suffered a fire loss, there was a lot of debris left after the fire was extinguished. Our team came in and removed all the debris and began cleaning up and repairing the damage.

Fire Damage To Ceiling

This home had a fire in the kitchen that spread quickly and even burned through the ceiling as you can see from this picture. Our team was fast to respond and get the damage repaired.

Cleaning Up Debris

After a fire, there is always a mess to clean up involving soot and debris. Our team is well trained and equipped to remove the soot and debris from your home following a fire loss.

When You Have A Fire

If your home is affected by fire, don't wait, call us here at SERVPRO. Our team is ready to respond to your loss any time day or night and we will be there fast.

Responding To Fire Loss

Fires spread quickly and affect everything in their path. That was the case with this kitchen as well. Our team responded quickly to this home and were able to repair the all the damage quickly as well.