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4 Common Myths About Commercial Mold

7/29/2019 (Permalink)

You need to test your mold

Four Common Mold Myths

When it comes to commercial mold growth, it's important to separate fact from fiction. Here are four common mold myths you can erase from your mental inventory right now.

1. You Need To Test Your Mold

Being able to tell your cladosporium sphaerospermum from your ulocladium botrytis is unnecessary. All mold needs to be removed. There's also no such thing as a "safe" level of mold contamination. Having mold tested, therefore, is usually a superfluous — and expensive — process.

To be clear, mold testing and mold inspection aren't the same thing. Inspecting your commercial property regularly, particularly areas with high humidity or that have been subjected to water damage in the past due to flooding or plumbing problems, is a good way to prevent mold.

2. If You Can't Smell Mold, You Don't Have Mold

Mold is generally identified by an earthy, damp, or woodsy smell. Sometimes, however, mold has no detectable odor. Again, regular visual inspection of moisture-heavy areas of your property can help you identify mold growth even if your nose can't.

3. You Should Clean Mold With Bleach

Bleach doesn't kill mold spores. It's also toxic. Instead of dousing a mildewed sink with bleach and filling your break room with noxious fumes, a simple solution of two parts white vinegar to one part distilled water will remove most cases of mildew. For more substantial mold removal, it's usually best to contact a mold remediation company.

4. You Can and Should Remove Mold Yourself

Virtually all instances of mold removal are best handled by professionals, and here's why: You don't want the mold to come back. Mold remediation specialists have the experience and equipment to safely rid your building of mold and guard against future instances.

If you suspect you have mold growth at your Sunland Villages, AZ, property, it's best to keep a calm, level head. It doesn't have to be a catastrophe, especially if you enlist the help of trained professionals who can get your business back to normal ASAP.

Methods of Eliminating Tough Home Odors

7/19/2019 (Permalink)

Vinegar is also great for removing tough odors

Battling a lingering odor in your home in Mesa, AZ can be a challenge. Food, cigarettes, mold and pets are just a few sources of foul odors. You certainly don’t want to just cover one smell with another. Neutralizing the odor is the only way of getting rid of it completely. Fortunately, home deodorization can be fairly easy to accomplish.

Here Are Four Ways of Eliminating Tough Odors:

1. White Vinegar

Simmer white vinegar on the stove to remove odors from the kitchen, or even the whole house. Don’t worry, the vinegar smell will go away soon. You can also put a bowl of vinegar in individual rooms to absorb odors. Replace the vinegar every 24 hours until the odor is gone. Mix vinegar with water (two cups vinegar to one-gallon water) to clean carpet and fabrics such as sofa and curtains, as well as hard surfaces such as furniture and walls. Vinegar is also great for removing tough odors such as cigarette smoke from clothing; add half a cup to your laundry.

2. Baking Soda

Like vinegar, baking soda will absorb odors if placed in bowls throughout the house. For fabrics and carpet, sprinkle it all over and let it sit for an hour, then vacuum. For better effectiveness, rub into the surface.

3. Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is another inexpensive home deodorization method. It’s chemically treated to hold more oxygen than regular charcoal, making stubborn odors easier to absorb. Hanging granule-filled sachets around the house works well.

4. Ozone Generator

This is the most costly and labor-intensive method, so it should be a last resort. But if you have a really stubborn odor like stale cigarette smoke, it’s worth the extra effort and expense. It can take over 24 hours to deodorize an entire house, but it’s effective.
If the odor you’re fighting hangs on for more than a couple of days, it may be time to hire odor removal and deodorization professionals. They provide the most thorough home deodorization available.

Facts Every Company Owner Should Know About Business Insurance

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Protecting your Mesa, AZ, business from fire, flooding and other disasters with commercial insurance is probably a high priority for you.

Protecting your Mesa, AZ, business from fire, flooding and other disasters with commercial insurance is probably a high priority for you and one of the most effective ways to guard your investment. However, if you only recently stepped into the world of entrepreneurship, you may not be familiar with business insurance or how to purchase a policy that suits your company’s needs. Before you sign on with an agent, you may want to first understand some important facts about coverage so you can make the best policy choices possible. 

3 Facts About Business Insurance

  1. Location Matters 

When you first start to browse insurance for your business, it is important to consider the building’s location. Crime rate, the availability of fire crews and possible flood risk may all be factors in what you pay for your policy. For example, if your building is in an area at or near sea level or near a large body of water that is capable of flooding, your policy may be costlier than one for a building with a lower risk. 

  1. Consider Your Building’s Construction

The overall construction of your building can affect the details of any commercial insurance policy you are offered. If you have only recently purchased a building and want to make some improvements and additions, it is important to discuss them with your insurance agent first. Using flame-retardant material and having your building’s fire risk gauged by a fire damage and restoration company can lower the cost of your premiums. 

  1. Employment Risks May Affect Premiums 

The type of business you run may affect the type of coverage available to you. For example, if your employees perform high-risk work with machinery, such as a deli, you may need to buy additional insurance to cover them as well as the building. You may want to let your agent know about any possible dangers so you can purchase coverage that suits you. 

Finding the right commercial insurance for your Mesa, AZ, business can be a challenge. However, when you understand a few basic facts about how to find the right policy, you can have peace of mind that your building and property are covered. 

3 Ways Landscaping Can Protect Your Home From Storms

7/10/2019 (Permalink)

Using heavier types of mulch can withstand the rain and help to prevent flooding

Ways you Can Use Landscaping to Protect Your Home

Outside flooding can cause damage to the exterior and interior of your home in Sierra Estate, AZ. However, there are several ways you can use landscaping to prevent your home from being affected by storms.

1. Use Heavy Mulch

Many people aren't aware that the type of mulch in their yards will have an impact on how floodwater will affect their homes. However, the weight of the mulch that you use in your landscape can make a big difference. Shredded wood mulch and other types of lightweight mulches are easily swept away by excessive amounts of rains and won't help to limit the impact of a rain storm on your home. Using heavier types of mulch, however, such as stone mulch or hardwood mulch, can withstand the rain and help to prevent flooding.

2. Plant a Rain Garden

In addition to mulch, certain types of plant life in your landscape can also help to protect your home from outside flooding. Many homeowners find it beneficial to plant a rain garden, a garden that is made up of a variety of plants that can absorb excessive amounts of water. Willow trees, various types of shrubs and lilies are just a few plants that are able to quickly absorb larger amounts of water, and you can customize your landscape based on the climate in your area and your personal preferences.

3. Divert Your Rain Spouts

Rainspouts can increase the likelihood of flooding or can help to protect your home from flooding depending on the direction. If your rainspouts are directed straight down or toward your home, then the foundation and structure of your home can be impacted. When the structure of your home is affected by water damage, you may consider contacting emergency water damage restoration services. However, you can often prevent rain drainage from impacting your home by diverting your spouts away from your home.

In addition to being visually appealing, your landscape can also have a functional purpose. Using heavy mulch, planting a rain garden and diverting your rain spouts are helpful ways to protect your home from outside flooding.

A Landlord’s Guide to an Apartment Fire

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in Mesa, AZ.

A fire in your Mesa, AZ, apartment building is an event that causes panic and confusion for you as well as tenants. There are many questions about rebuilding and who is responsible for the losses and cost of cleanup. The following steps will help guide you through the process of rebuilding after your apartment fire.

Rebuilding after your appartment fire

1. Contact Your Insurance Company

The immediate first step to take is to call your insurance company. You need to file a claim and get details about exactly what your policy covers. You will likely be dealing with upset tenants, some who may not have renter’s insurance, and they will have questions about whether your insurance covers fire damage related to their property. Unfortunately, a landlord’s insurance policy won’t cover tenant possessions, so they should be directed to contact their own insurance agent or the Red Cross, if needed.

2. Obtain Detailed Information on Fire Cause

Stay in contact with the fire department or investigators, and interview all tenants. The cause of the apartment fire is important for insurance purposes, possible criminal prosecution and preventing future problems. If you find any new information related to its cause, contact the fire investigator and your insurance agent immediately. If a tenant has directly caused the fire, your insurance company will be able to work with you to obtain payment from that resident.

3. Call a Restoration Company

It’s important to contact a competent fire restoration company. They will know the best way to salvage items, limit further damage and contact companies who can start rebuilding quickly. They also can help you navigate the insurance company and its role in paying for repairs. It’s important to contact professionals, as a fire causes damage to a building’s structure and is a huge liability if not repaired correctly.
An apartment fire is an unforeseen event that can seem overwhelming. However, if you contact your insurance company and a professional fire restoration team, they will help you manage the process and rebuild. It will leave your Mesa, AZ, property “Like it never even happened."

Black Water due to Storms in Mesa, AZ

6/25/2019 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you experience water damage in your home or business.

Black Water: Risks and Solutions

Storms in Mesa, AZ can cause a variety of costly problems for homeowners. Water damage from flooding is particularly common after a strong storm. Rivers and sewers can overflow, which unfortunately, can seep into your home. Damage from water in general causes a host of issues, such as wood swelling, carpet damage, and loss of furnishings. Black water, however, is particularly dangerous because of damage to the occupants as well as the home.

How Black Water Is Different

This type of water is different from other flood waters because it has come into contact with sewage. Contamination from sewage can make flood waters exceptionally hazardous. Several types of microbes can be found in this type of flooding, such as viruses, protozoans, fungi, and invasive molds. 

What Actions To Take

When dealing with water damage that contains sewage, it can be important to take the right steps to prevent health problems and lasting damage to the home. First of all, stay away from the contaminated water. Avoiding contact is the best way to prevent health issues. Even breathing the air close to the water can be problematic. 

Next, it can be a good idea to contact your insurance to see what kind of coverage is available. Finally, to ensure the health risks and damage to the home are limited as much as possible, it’s often best to call a professional. Professionals are familiar with the relevant standards for dealing with this kind of damage. 

Where To Find Help

If you have the unfortunate situation in which you must deal with contaminated water, know that there are risks that make this type of flooding uniquely problematic. Luckily, there are also solutions. A water damage professional can remove the contaminated water, prevent mold, remove microbes, rehabilitate carpets, and most importantly, restore health and peace of mind to your home. 

Conserve Water and Save Money on Commercial Properties

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

Fix water leaks

Conserve Water and Save Money

Paying attention to water issues throughout your commercial properties is a good way to reduce costs. As you learn to cut down on water consumption, you may realize valuable savings on your monthly utility bills. One of the first steps in this effort is to recognize the many ways water is used throughout your property:

  • Drinking
  • Irrigation
  • Cleaning
  • Air conditioning
  • Restrooms

Fortunately, there are several good ways to conserve water, reduce water consumption, and keep your utility bills in check.

Fix Water Leaks

One easy and beneficial way to cut down on the amount of water consumed throughout your property is to fix dripping faucets and other leaks. Not only do these leaks resulted in higher levels of consumption, but they also lead to water damage. Repairing leaks and immediately addressing similar water issues also results in financial and energy savings.

Reduced Hot Water Consumption

Another powerful way to conserve water is to reduce hot water use. Switch out appliances in your Adobe Hills, AZ, commercial properties for energy-efficient models and install low-flow fixtures. If there are dishwashers on your property, consider installing a booster heater because these appliances go a long way toward reducing energy costs.

Low-Flow Toilets

The toilet is a consistent source of water consumption, so any efforts you make to conserve in this area can have significant results. The first low-flow toilets seemed to cut down on water use but lost a lot of efficiency, sometimes resulting in repeated flushing. Fortunately, you'll find that modern toilets offer a water upgrade that is both conservational and efficient.

Understanding how water is consumed throughout your property is one of the best steps in responding to water issues that lead to waste and cause spikes in your utility bill. Other steps include fixing leaks, reducing hot water use, and replacing toilets. Water damage restoration professionals may provide more insights, especially when damages have made renovations possible.

Important Steps to Take After Water Damage

6/13/2019 (Permalink)

Turn off the electricity to the home

3 Steps to Consider Taking After Experiencing Water Damage

Water damage to a residence in Desert Uplands, AZ, may cause some major headaches for a homeowner. Whether there is a leak in the roof, a pipe that has burst, an overflowing toilet, or another problem that has resulted in a flood, there are important steps to take to ensure that there are no further issues such as the growth of black mold. Here are three important steps to consider taking after experiencing water damage at a home.

1. Turn Off the Electricity to the Home

Whenever water has leaked in a residence and has caused flooding, it may be a good idea to turn off the electricity. Regardless of where a leak has occurred, it is possible that electrical outlets or wiring may be nearby. It is crucial for an individual to protect himself or herself from being electrocuted.

2. Thoroughly Clean and Dry the Affected Area

A flood at a home can cause significant damage, and it may even lead to additional secondary damage if the water is not properly cleaned and dried up. For example, black mold may grow in areas in which water has not been correctly dried out. Mold thrives in environments that are damp and have high humidity, and it can grow quickly when the conditions are right. Calling professionals who are experienced in handling and cleaning up water damage may be a perfect solution. Experts in water cleanup can treat the flooded area with chemicals that can help to prevent secondary damage such as mold, which can be detrimental to the structural integrity of the home.

3. Repair Damage as Soon as Possible

After water damage has been appropriately cleaned up, it is vital to repair the issue that caused the flood as soon as possible. If a leaky roof or a broken pipe has caused the water damage for example, having these issues repaired immediately can help to prevent the problems from happening again. Following these three steps may help to significantly reduce the chance of incurring secondary damage, particularly the growth of black mold.

3 Important Steps in the Mold Remediation Process

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Mold remediation in a Leisure World, AZ home

Three Steps During the Mold Remediation Process

If your home in Leisure World, AZ, has been affected by mold contamination, you may be uncertain what will happen next. During mold remediation, it is likely that the following three steps will occur:

1. Assessment

Mold can have a widespread impact on homes, and an assessment can help to determine the amount of damage that has occurred and can identify what type of mold is present in the home. Different types of mold are often treated differently, which is why an assessment by mold remediation professionals can be useful. Additionally, professionals can search for hidden damage that may be affecting the home. Once all areas that have been affected by mold have been identified and experts know what type of mold is in the home, the next step in the remediation process can begin.

2. Containment

Mitigating the effects of mold damage can help to reduce the cost of the overall remediation process for homeowners. Containing mold is often a crucial step during mold remediation. In order to prevent mold contamination throughout the home, various methods are used to contain the spores. In some circumstances, a physical barrier is put in place to lessen the spread of mold. Airflow is also often reduced in the home by turning off air conditioning and heating systems.

3. Removal and Restoration

Only after the home has been assessed and mold has been contained can the process of mold removal and home restoration begin. There are various methods professionals can use to ensure that mold is removed and does not return. Different types of treatments can remove mold from building materials and personal belongings. In order to remove the majority of mold spores in an area, high-powered air filters can also be useful. Once harmful mold spores have been removed, the home is restored to its original state and professionals will perform structural and cosmetic fixes.

Restoring a home affected by mold contamination can seem overwhelming. However, knowing what mold remediation involves can help you feel less stressed and more confident about the process.

Proper Maintenance of Your Furnace May Prevent a House Fire

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

Keep your furnace maintained

Today is the age of set it and forget it technology. Many modern conveniences require minimal or no upkeep, but your furnace is not one of those. People in Sunland Villages, AZ may not realize it, but your home’s furnace does require a few steps to ensure it works safely and efficiently. A little furnace cleaning is nothing compared to the distress that fire cleaning can be.

How to Maintain Your Home Furnace

This is a basic list of steps that should be taken to keep a furnace operating safely. Be sure to read the owners manual to ensure you are taking all needed steps.

  • When it comes to preventing a fire cleaning the unit of any dust may be your best defense
  • Change filters regularly to minimize dust buildup
  • Be sure to have your heating and cooling units serviced by professionals each year before using
  • Lubricating the motor and adjusting the belts is critical to smooth operation
  • Adjust the thermostat to a comfortable level and test it to make sure that it does come on at that temperature

Keep a Careful Watch

Gas and flames are nothing to take for granted. In addition to preventive measures, take notice if you see or smell any signs of trouble. If your furnace is producing a strong gas smell, get all family members out of the house, leaving windows and doors open - call the gas company immediately. If it fails to come on at the designated setting, you may need to have it calibrated. If, for some reason the furnace is not turning on at all, the power switch may have failed or a fuse may have gone out and may require attention.

If, in spite of your good efforts, a fire should happen get out of the house and call 911 at once. Then you may wish to call on an emergency fire damage restoration service in Sunland Villages, AZ to help with the fire cleaning process. Smoke cleaning can be difficult and fire tech may be the best choice