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Potential Pitfalls When Dealing with a Partial Loss

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

Roof of a building destroyed by fire Partial fire loss in Sunland Villages, AZ

Potential Pitfalls When Dealing with a Partial Loss

When your commercial property in Sunland Villages, AZ, is damaged by fire, chances are that the whole building will not need to be torn down and rebuilt. In many fire loss situations, part of the structure and the items within it can be salvaged. Hiring reputable fire mitigation experts can help you avoid several pitfalls that are common with a partial loss.

Hidden Damage
Much of the damage to your building will be visible during the assessment. There are many places in your building, however, where smoke damage can hide:

  • In air ducts
  • In cracks and crevices
  • Behind walls
  • Inside cabinets or drawers

Hidden problems that are left unresolved can result in lingering odors and secondary damage. Full fire damage repair involves finding every place where there is smoke or soot and cleaning it thoroughly.

Unexpected Delays
Your insurance provider prioritizes claims based on several factors, one of which is the extent of the fire loss. If only one small area of your building caught fire, you may experience a delay in your adjuster's arrival. That doesn't mean you have to delay repairs, though. You can demonstrate initiative by calling the repair company to get an assessment of the damage to your building and get started on a remediation process. The company can provide an itemized list of the necessary repairs to aid the adjuster when he or she arrives.

Unsatisfactory Restoration
The fire restoration process is not complete until your building looks like it did before the fire. A partial loss comes with the challenge of making sure that the restored area sufficiently matches the space around it. For example, if only part of your carpet was damaged, it can be tempting to only replace the damaged portions which would leave mismatched carpeting that is a reminder of exactly where the damage was. Hiring a team that handles both mitigation and restoration helps to ensure the job is completed well.
A partial fire loss is better than a total loss, but it is not without its challenges. Choose a quality repair company that can see the process through from start to finish to avoid common pitfalls.

Tips to Prevent Flooding

3/20/2020 (Permalink)

Technicians removing flood waters from a building, flood cuts were done. Cleaning up after storm damage in Sierra Estate, AZ

Whether minor or major, flooding can cause extensive damage to properties in Sierra Estate, AZ, requiring extensive restoration, cleanup, and water remediation. While it may not also be possible to avoid flood damage, property owners can plan ahead and take preventive measures to limit the damage and ensure the safety of others.

Plan Ahead

While the ideal solution would be to move to higher ground, that is likely an option that few, if any, can take. Knowing that storm damage can take a toll on a property means regularly inspecting the property, having flood-prevention equipment onsite and communicating with employees, tenants, vendors or visitors. Below are a few tips to help better weather the next storm:

  • Considering purchasing a generator in case of a power outage, especially if the building as a sump pump.
  • Install backflow valves to reduce sewage backup.
  • Maintain materials onsite to block floodwaters or make temporary repairs, including sandbags, plywood or lumber, plastic sheeting, shovels, hammer, nails, and staples.
  • Install backflow valves or standpipes to prevent sewer lines from backing up.
  • Elevate machinery, equipment and HVAC systems onto concrete blocks.
  • Up landscaping to better resist soil erosion and water absorption.
  • Purchase a flood-detection device.


When flood damage happens, the safety of everyone around should be a top priority. Before the waters rise, having an emergency plan is essential to keeping people safe and calm. A plan should be developed based on the business’s situation, but it should at least include a chain of command and assigned responsibilities, evacuation procedures and list of flood-proofing materials available. It is a good idea to regularly test and discuss the plan to ensure everyone understands what to do and who should do what. Considering schedule a drill a few times a year, as well as provide training to any new people onsite.
Knowing that floods can happen anytime, preparing and reducing flood damage is vital to ensuring the next storm is weathered with safety in mind.

4 Common Sources of Water Damage in Commercial Buildings

1/9/2020 (Permalink)

Crack in building foundation with the words on the middle of picture MOLD GROWTH A cracked foundation or improper flashing installation can cause mold to grow over time

Common Causes of Water Damage in Commercial Buildings

Water is an invaluable resource until it collects in the wrong place. Even a fairly small amount of unwanted water can have a devastating effect on your business if it’s not dealt with quickly and properly. Keeping excess water and humidity out of your building is the key to mold prevention. So, what are the most common causes of water damage in commercial buildings?

1. Floods

A flooded building can cause a significant amount of damage. The water can cause damage to the flooring, drywall, furniture, electronics and anything else that might be on or near the floor. Mold is very adaptable and mold growth can occur on most surfaces. Floods can be caused by heavy rainfall, improper landscaping, plumbing problems and activated fire sprinklers.

2. Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be caused by a number of different factors including old or missing roofing materials, storm damage and clogged gutters. The roof should be inspected regularly and gutters should be cleaned routinely. Overhanging tree limbs should also be cut back to prevent roof damage from a falling limb or excess debris in the gutters.

3. Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems can be a major source of water damage. Since many pipes are located in the walls or under the building, a water leak can continue undetected for weeks. Plumbing issues can be caused by leaking or burst pipes, toilet overflows or clogged drains. Regularly inspect any plumbing that you can see. Also, be sure pipes are properly insulated against winter temperatures to prevent bursting.

4. Foundation Cracks

Cracks in basement walls or floors can cause water seepage, which can ultimately create major damage if not repaired in a timely manner. Major structural damage can occur to your building’s foundation, including the shifting of the building under its own weight. It’s important to check for cracks or signs of water in the basement and call on professionals if you notice anything.
It’s important to keep an eye out for any signs of excess water. If your building in Mesa, AZ, sustains water damage, be sure to contact cleanup specialists to return your building to health.

Resolving Potential Water Damage to Your Furnace

1/9/2020 (Permalink)

Broken pipe Give SERVPRO a call if you experience a busted pipe in your business

Four Important Steps to Treat and Repair Your Furnace

When it comes to your business in Mesa, AZ having a functioning furnace is typically vital. A furnace helps maintain comfortable levels of heat, air conditioning and ventilation for employees and customers. Malfunctions such as a broken pipe can cause a furnace flood and water damage to your business. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to be prepared in an event of a flooded furnace. You can prevent further loss to your business by understanding how a pipe can break and following four important steps to treat and repair your furnace.

What Can Cause a Pipe To Break?

There are quite a few ways your business could have a water problem on its hands. The following types of water damage can occur due to severe weather conditions and poor plumbing:

  • Water can freeze and burst in the pipes.
  • Pipes that aren’t properly bolted in place may move due to the constant water circulation and may break.
  • Poorly maintained pipes can suffer from corrosion.

How Can You Repair Your Furnace?

If your furnace has been damaged thanks to a broken pipe, there are a few key steps you can take to solve this problem.

  • Turn off your furnace.
  • Remove the water from the furnace flood either on your own or with the help of a professional restoration service.
  • Replace your furnace valves if they have been submerged in water, especially if your furnace is electric.
  • Your air ducts may also be wet. Turn on your furnace and pump as much warm air through the air ducts in order to dry them.

Recovering from a furnace flood can seem daunting at first, but being prepared can make it easy to handle. There are professionals available in Mesa, AZ who can fix damaged furnaces and provide air duct cleaning in case you need further assistance. With these solutions available to you, your business should be able to resume satisfactory performance once more.

Dealing With Storm Damage at Your Business Location

12/24/2019 (Permalink)

Man cleaning floor, water with mud on floor, restoration process in a building Storm damage in Red Mountain Ranch, AZ

There are many things to worry about when a serious storm leaves your building in Red Mountain Ranch, AZ, with resulting water damage and a possible tear out of structural materials. Understanding what could possibly happen can help soften the blow just a bit and prepare you for what you may find when you enter afterward.

What Damage you can Expect to Find

The type of storm damage can vary with the storm and severity, as well as the type of building you have. Brick, for instance, may withstand hurricane force winds better than a corrugated aluminum building. Here are some examples of flood damage you may find in your building.

  • Ruined carpet, buckled wood floors and saturated subfloors
  • Wet furnishings and curtains
  • Possible outside debris, contamination and black mold
  • Ruined electronics and computer equipment
  • Sheet rock and other structural materials that may need removal

How To Clean the Mess

Most outside flood water is considered to be contaminated and a professional trained in flood cleanup and storm restoration should be brought in to carefully extract the water without spreading bacteria. They can help with the tear out of any ruined materials such as carpet or sheetrock, as well as cleanup of any salvageable items, and use industrial cleaners and drying techniques.
One of the greatest concerns can be black mold growth, so drying things out adequately is key. If things stay wet long enough for mold to set in, be prepared to engage in some reconstruction and remodeling in order to restore a clean and functional building. You may need to put dehumidification measures in place to keep moisture content under control.
Preparing your building in Red Mountain Ranch, AZ, ahead of time would be ideal, but when that is not possible, it can help to know what to expect. From storm cleanup to tear out, getting the help you need can help you restore order and get back to business as usual.

Avoid Damage From Broken Water Pipes

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

Broken meta water pipe Broken water pipe in a Red Mountain Ranch, AZ building

Avoid Damage From Broken Water Pipes

Whether it is a large industrial building being built or a smaller commercial venture, the construction process has a lot of moving parts. Sometimes, things don't always go perfectly and problems develop. The plumbing system is one area that is prone to ruptures from heavy equipment. With water pipe repair, speed is of the essence and it makes sense to call in a local team of experts for commercial water repair. The experts can arrive on the scene quickly in Red Mountain Ranch, AZ, and get to work on the problem. The concept of Faster to any size disaster means the company will be on site in a short time and begin to fix the problem and limit damages.

Mitigate Water Damage

A broken pipe during construction complicates the job. It can cause the following problems:

  • Water damage and ruined materials
  • Construction delays
  • Added expenses
  • Cost overruns
  • Insurance issues
  • A damaged reputation

If the construction areas is flooded, it's important to make sure the water is removed in a professional manner. Therefore, it is crucial to work with a company that is experienced in water pipe repair. A reputable company can limit losses and speed up the cleanup process so things can get back on track.

Prevent Water Claims

As with many issues, prevention can be an effective way to prevent commercial water damage. A skilled construction company in Red Mountain Ranch, AZ, will know how to reduce the chances of the need for water pipe repair. The plans for the construction should be well thought out and reviewed by a team of engineers. While construction is underway, the project manager or quality control person should be on the lookout for any potential problems. Consistent inspections of the site should be undertaken every day. Finally, if a problem does occur, the project manager should know who to call to address the problem of water damage on site.

How Do You Prepare Your Business From a Fire?

8/26/2019 (Permalink)

Fire evacuation plan blueprint A fire safety plan can be a useful element of disaster preparation

The Importance Of Fire Preparation

For business owners in Leisure World, AZ, disaster preparation is often valuable. Though many business owners know the importance of fire preparation, they are unsure of what steps to take. There are several steps you can take to ensure that your business is adequately prepared for a fire.

1. Maintain Updated Information About Inventory and Materials

Various parts of your building can be affected by fire damage, and many items may need to be restored or replaced. Generally, your insurance company should cover the most costs associated with restoration and replacement. However, if you aren't sure of the cost and number of items you had in your business prior to the fire, you may not receive adequate compensation. For this reason, it can be wise to document information about the inventory you have in your business, as well as information about costly materials or pieces of equipment.

2. Prepare Your Employees

During fire preparation, it's often important to ensure that your employees know what to do if a fire occurs. Making an escape plan from all locations in your building and routinely practicing your plan with employees can be a useful element of disaster preparation. It can also be helpful to make sure your employees know where fire extinguishers, first aid kits and emergency exits are located throughout your business.

3. Research Mitigation and Restoration Companies Prior to a Disaster
Before a fire affects your business, it can be useful to search for mitigation and restoration companies. When researching, it can be helpful to consider the benefits of employing a fire damage restoration company that offers both mitigation and restoration services, as this can help you to save time and money on cleanup and restoration. By researching companies before a fire, you won't feel rushed to hire a company you know little about after a disaster.

Fire preparation can ultimately help your business to recover in a more timely, efficient manner after a fire. In order to prepare for a fire, it can be helpful to keep updated information about inventory and materials, prepare your employees and research mitigation and restoration companies before a fire occurs.

Facts Every Company Owner Should Know About Business Insurance

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Protecting your Mesa, AZ, business from fire, flooding and other disasters with commercial insurance is probably a high priority for you.

Protecting your Mesa, AZ, business from fire, flooding and other disasters with commercial insurance is probably a high priority for you and one of the most effective ways to guard your investment. However, if you only recently stepped into the world of entrepreneurship, you may not be familiar with business insurance or how to purchase a policy that suits your company’s needs. Before you sign on with an agent, you may want to first understand some important facts about coverage so you can make the best policy choices possible. 

3 Facts About Business Insurance

  1. Location Matters 

When you first start to browse insurance for your business, it is important to consider the building’s location. Crime rate, the availability of fire crews and possible flood risk may all be factors in what you pay for your policy. For example, if your building is in an area at or near sea level or near a large body of water that is capable of flooding, your policy may be costlier than one for a building with a lower risk. 

  1. Consider Your Building’s Construction

The overall construction of your building can affect the details of any commercial insurance policy you are offered. If you have only recently purchased a building and want to make some improvements and additions, it is important to discuss them with your insurance agent first. Using flame-retardant material and having your building’s fire risk gauged by a fire damage and restoration company can lower the cost of your premiums. 

  1. Employment Risks May Affect Premiums 

The type of business you run may affect the type of coverage available to you. For example, if your employees perform high-risk work with machinery, such as a deli, you may need to buy additional insurance to cover them as well as the building. You may want to let your agent know about any possible dangers so you can purchase coverage that suits you. 

Finding the right commercial insurance for your Mesa, AZ, business can be a challenge. However, when you understand a few basic facts about how to find the right policy, you can have peace of mind that your building and property are covered. 

Conserve Water and Save Money on Commercial Properties

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

Fix water leaks

Conserve Water and Save Money

Paying attention to water issues throughout your commercial properties is a good way to reduce costs. As you learn to cut down on water consumption, you may realize valuable savings on your monthly utility bills. One of the first steps in this effort is to recognize the many ways water is used throughout your property:

  • Drinking
  • Irrigation
  • Cleaning
  • Air conditioning
  • Restrooms

Fortunately, there are several good ways to conserve water, reduce water consumption, and keep your utility bills in check.

Fix Water Leaks

One easy and beneficial way to cut down on the amount of water consumed throughout your property is to fix dripping faucets and other leaks. Not only do these leaks resulted in higher levels of consumption, but they also lead to water damage. Repairing leaks and immediately addressing similar water issues also results in financial and energy savings.

Reduced Hot Water Consumption

Another powerful way to conserve water is to reduce hot water use. Switch out appliances in your Adobe Hills, AZ, commercial properties for energy-efficient models and install low-flow fixtures. If there are dishwashers on your property, consider installing a booster heater because these appliances go a long way toward reducing energy costs.

Low-Flow Toilets

The toilet is a consistent source of water consumption, so any efforts you make to conserve in this area can have significant results. The first low-flow toilets seemed to cut down on water use but lost a lot of efficiency, sometimes resulting in repeated flushing. Fortunately, you'll find that modern toilets offer a water upgrade that is both conservational and efficient.

Understanding how water is consumed throughout your property is one of the best steps in responding to water issues that lead to waste and cause spikes in your utility bill. Other steps include fixing leaks, reducing hot water use, and replacing toilets. Water damage restoration professionals may provide more insights, especially when damages have made renovations possible.

Fire Escape in a Commercial Setting

1/12/2019 (Permalink)

It is important to have an emergency escape plan for your Mesa, AZ business

How to Safely Evacuate your Building

Because the safety of employees should always take top priority, no business owner in Mesa, AZ, should be without a proper fire escape plan. Read on to learn how to implement and share a strategy for safely evacuating your building and minimizing other forms of damage.

1. Exits and Space

The most important preventative measure is compliance with all existing local fire codes. Do not block any exits and have all exterior fire escapes routinely inspected for structural integrity. Leave adequate space near all sides of the building for firefighters and other emergency personnel to park their vehicles. Install and maintain multiple fire alarms and extinguishers per floor. Do not exceed the occupancy limits as outlined in your local codes, as too many people on the premises will strain any emergency escape plan and make injury or property damage more likely.

2. Implementation and Awareness

A fire escape plan is only as good as your ability to communicate it effectively with your employees. Have fire safety videos and related information as part of your routine training process. Explain an orderly evacuation procedure when all employees are present and test it with regular drills. Make sure that escape routes and building plans are labeled clearly and posted on doors and walls as required by applicable fire codes. Congregate outdoors in the vicinity of the first responders, but do not block their access to the building.

3. Emergency Training

If significant smoke is present, evacuation may require crawling along the floor and away from the escaping tendrils, which will rise near the ceiling. It will be extremely beneficial to have some segment of employees educated in first aid in case emergency personnel are delayed. For example, burns may need to be wrapped and cooled to prevent infection.

Since a commercial fire can strike at any moment, don’t wait to devise a specific fire escape plan for your place of business. This should include both a sound evacuation procedure and contact information for fire restoration professionals.

The Best Cleaning Methods for Water-Damaged Contents

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Wet carpet due to broken pipe in a Leisure World, AZ commercial building

A variety of restoration methods can be effective for contents with water damage. A mitigation service will recommend the best options for cleaning the contents of a flooded company. Find out more about how experts treat different types of items.

Delicate Contents

Delicate contents may require more or less extensive cleaning depending on the category of water damage. Contents exposed to:

  • Category One clean water should be air dried
  • Category Two gray water should be cleaned, disinfected, and dried
  • Category Three black water should be cleaned, disinfected, and dried

Some delicate materials may not stand up to disinfection and should be disposed of and replaced. Other items may benefit from dry cleaning, foam, immersion, or spraying and wiping.

Stained Contents

Stained contents may require intensive methods. Depending on the durability and porosity of items, treatments may include

  • Foam
  • Immersion
  • Spraying and wiping
  • Ultrasonic waves
  • Wet cleaning

These methods can remove stains from many types of contents in a flooded company. Factor in the materials, category of water damage, and cause of staining when selecting a cleaning method.

Non-Porous Contents

Hard, non-porous contents can be good candidates for several cleaning techniques. Damage cleanup experts may recommend abrasion, immersion, treatment with ultrasonic waves, or wet cleaning. The delicacy of items should be taken into consideration when determining the best cleaning method.

Porous Contents

Allow porous items or materials exposed to clean water from a broken pipe to air dry. It may be possible to speed drying by using air movers, dehumidifiers, or fans. Porous contents exposed to contaminated water may need to be thrown away and replaced. These items can pose a recontamination risk.

The owner of a building or flooded company should inquire about content cleaning methods. Most of these treatments call for specialized training and professional equipment or treatment facilities. Rely on a damage restoration firm located in Leisure World, AZ.

3 Practical Flood Prevention Strategies Every Community Can Employ

10/19/2018 (Permalink)

No community wants to endure a costly flood cleaning project. While numerous flood prevention strategies exist, some measures are expensive, long-term projects, that may not be ideal for smaller communities with limited budgets and minimal infrastructure. However, practical techniques that do not require extensive resources exist to help every city and town, including Sunland Villages, AZ, reduce their flood risk.

1. Sustainable Drainage Systems

Paved roadways and concrete sidewalks are common fixtures in most communities. Although they provide convenient transportation avenues, these structures do not absorb water. Grass and other vegetation do, however. For this reason, it’s important for every community to maintain gardens and other green spaces such as grass fields and parks.

2. Floodplains

Low-lying land adjacent to rivers and streams is prone to flooding. Instead of utilizing these areas for development, consider maintaining them as a floodplain. This may be an efficient flood prevention strategy because a floodplain acts as a natural water retention zone that can collect a significant amount of water. Floodplains also help slow rainwater runoff. Both benefits may minimize water overflow into surrounding communities, helping to prevent potentially devastating water damage to local homes and businesses.

3. Sewer Systems Free of Debris

In most areas, rain water is diverted into the sewer system. A significant storm can quickly inundate and overwhelm the system, increasing the community’s flood risk. The situation is further complicated if storm drains and sewer lines are contaminated by trash and other debris. For this reason, every community should take proactive measures to eliminate garbage, sediment and tree roots from sewer lines and drainage channels.

Recovering from a flood can be a lengthy process, especially if the damage necessitates extensive cleanup and restoration initiatives. While no community can fully eliminate their flood risk, these practical flood prevention measures can help protect the interests of residents and business owners by reducing the likelihood of a devastating and costly flood.

Water Losses: What Doesn’t Your Commercial Policy Cover?

9/14/2018 (Permalink)

It is important as a business to know what your current policy covers so you can get additional coverage if needed.

Most commercial businesses are required to have some form of a commercial insurance policy; however, many plans do not cover all types of damage. For instance, leaking or damaged pipes or flooding may not be covered under your current policy. As many water problems can be quite expensive to remedy, you may be interested to know the most common issues that possibly require a special or additional plan to protect both you and your business.

May not be covered by current policy

Frozen Pipes

As a property owner, you have a responsibility to maintain the facility as best you can, and part of that responsibility is ensuring that the temperature of the building is warm enough to prevent freezing. While there are instances of freezing that are out of your control and likely covered by your policy, most cases of freezing pipes or water lines will require special coverage, as maintenance falls under your purview.

Consistent Leaks

Damaged pipes may be another area that most insurance companies feel is the responsibility of the business owner, as the maintenance of pipes and other plumbing is considered routine; therefore, when a building has been exposed to slow and persistent leaking pipes, many insurance companies will deem the expense the owner’s responsibility.

Mold Growth

Mold growth and mold damage are also examples of routine maintenance. Most insurance companies believe that an apparent mold problem, persisting for months, should have been noticed by the owner of the property before reaching the point of extensive damage. While it is possible to recoup some of the cost of mold remediation, you will likely need in addition to your current policy.

Damaged pipes and any resulting issues are most likely considered casualties of failed routine maintenance; however, you can check with either your insurer or with another insurer located in the Peoria, Arizona area to find out more specifics.

3 Tips To Creating a Fire Escape Plan

8/22/2018 (Permalink)

Your fire escape plan could save lives in case of a disaster.

You purchase insurance for your business to cover the costs of accidents and other problems, but you hope to never need it. A fire escape plan works the same way. You don’t want to think about a fire ever starting in your office building, but if it does, you’ll be relieved to have an effective plan for getting safely outside. If your company doesn’t have such a plan, or if it’s been awhile since you’ve reviewed it, consider these suggestions.

Try the Red Cross

The Red Cross is one of the world’s foremost emergency and disaster response organizations. The nonprofit has some excellent tools and resources to help companies of all sizes come up with an appropriate emergency escape plan. Why should you consult the Red Cross?

• They have extensive experience.
• They have vast educational resources.
• You can get information and materials to develop your plan at no cost.

Take it Seriously

A fire escape plan isn’t something you throw together in a few minutes. This is a critical issue, and it’s essential that you’re prepared to act in case of a fire. Spend time with the key leaders of your company discussing how you will respond to a fire at work. Assign roles to different people in the organization. Make sure everyone in your Mesa, AZ, building know how to safely exit and what’s expected of them. Fire and cleanup crews will do their job; you need to do yours.

Practice it Regularly

A one-time run-through of your plan isn’t sufficient. You should conduct an annual drill to ensure everyone knows how to get out of the building in an orderly, and timely manner. Make sure everyone knows where to meet outside. Identify weaknesses in your plan, and devise ways to improve it.

Your fire escape plan could save lives in case of a disaster. Get everyone in your organization on the same page by creating and implementing your plan today. For more information, visit

Employee Safety: Timeline for Returning to Work

8/21/2018 (Permalink)

Employees can probably return even if the building is still under minor reconstruction.

When black water floods your building in Mesa, AZ, your primary concern is probably for the safety of your employees. You cannot ignore, however, the risk of taking too long for employees to return to work. Fortunately, employees don't have to stay away through the whole restoration process. Knowing what is going on in each stage of that process can help you discern whether it is a good idea for your employees to be present during it.

1. Stage 1 – Extraction

The first step of the flood cleanup process is extraction of the excess water. Technicians must remove as much of the water as possible to prevent further damage. This halts the progress of water saturation as well as mold growth.

2. Stage 2 – Demolition

The next step is removing everything that is unsalvageable. This includes walls, ceilings, floors and insulation. It is not safe for anyone other than the professionals in charge of cleanup to be present during this step.

3. Stage 3 – Disinfection

Black water contains the highest level of contaminants. It is likely that sewer bacteria and harmful microbes are present in the water. Everything the water touches must be disinfected before it is safe for people to enter. Professionals use a variety of techniques, such as air filtration devices or antimicrobial chemicals, to disinfect the affected areas.

4. Stage 4 – Restoration

After the building is clean, the process of replacing walls and making it look nice can begin. It's probably a good idea to wait until new walls and other basic structures are in place before employees return, but other aspects of the restoration process, such as painting or replacing lost items, can occur after regular workdays begin again.

Employees can probably return even if the building is still under minor reconstruction. As soon as remediation specialists rid the building of the contamination caused by black water, it is typically safe for employees to come back to work. When in doubt, always defer to the expertise of the specialists who are handling the cleanup process. For more information, visit

Mold 101

7/23/2018 (Permalink)

In nature, mold serves a natural purpose in the ecosystem. However, mold, especially black mold, should not take up residence in your building.

In short, mold is a fungus that helps to decompose dead plants and animals by breaking down carbon material. Mold spreads through the air via spores that attach themselves to any source of food. Their spores can also grow indoors. One of the most infamous is Stachybotrys, also commonly known as “black mold.” However, this is not the only mold that can find its way into buildings. Although the exact number of species is still unknown, scientists estimate that there are thousands. Many can affect your business in Mesa, AZ. Here are some of the most common kinds and how to identify them.

1. Aspergillus

Aspergillus is frequently found wherever dust accumulates. It typically has a brown or dark-green color. Different places this mold can spread are floors, wallpapers and air filters. Certain species are also found on food.

2. Stachybotrys

Stachybotrys earned its nickname, black mold, through its distinctive greenish-black gel-like appearance. Like many fungi, it can spread in any area with a moisture problem. That is why it is frequently found in restrooms or on walls in rooms that have experienced flooding. While some species may not pose a large threat to public safety, you can check with a reputable mold cleanup service to inspect your property in order to identify whether professional removal is necessary.

3. Cladosporium

Cladosporium can also spread in areas of high moisture. Colonies can grow in bathrooms, in basements and on any wood surface. Typically, you can spot this type of mold by its green or brown color. While it is possible to remove this type of mold yourself, calling qualified mold experts can assist in its disposal.

In nature, mold serves a natural purpose in the ecosystem. However, mold, especially black mold, should not take up residence in your building. Learning how to identify mold and who to call when you face an infestation will help you safeguard your business’s future. For more information, visit

Be Proactive To Protect Against Plumbing Problems

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

Plumbing problems don't have to catch you unprepared.

Plumbing problems are often some of the most uncomfortable and unpleasant to deal with, but there are steps you can take to avoid them. One of the first steps to protecting your Mesa, AZ, business is identifying the proper type of commercial plumber. Some professionals focus on industrial systems, and others focus on restoration services.

Recognize the Potential for Trouble

There are many types of plumbing issues that could affect your business if you don't take preventative actions:

• Plugged toilets
• Clogged drains
• Dripping faucets
• Leaky pipes
• Buried pipes broken by tree roots

Set Up Routine Maintenance

The next step to protecting your business from any of these damages, including a broken pipe or water main, is to establish a routine maintenance schedule. This should include assessments of the whole system, answers to your questions, and routine repairs as necessary. For instance, a leaky faucet may seem to be just an annoyance, but it should be a priority if you don't want to face more expensive plumbing problems.

Schedule Inspections for the Water Heater

Professionals should also take a look at your water heater during their service visits. If the water temperature is hard to control, your water heater may need attention. However, you should not attempt repairs on the heater. Fidgeting with the wrong valve or component could lead to an explosion. It's always best to turn this repair over to a professional.

Know What To Expect

The third proactive step to avoid plumbing trouble is paying attention to the normal sounds and smells of your business. A slow drip of water within the walls can lead to unexplained odors and an increase in your utility bills. Contact plumbing or restoration professionals whenever confronted by unexplained rattles or bumps and by unpleasant smells. These could all be signs of unseen trouble.

Plumbing problems don't have to catch you unprepared. Decide now that you'll protect your business and surrounding property by taking preventative actions. For more information, visit

Getting your business prepared for Monsoon Season in Arizona

4/27/2018 (Permalink)

With Monsoon season approaching it is important to make sure you are prepared for water damage and flooding. Even though we do not get a lot of rain year round in Mesa, Arizona, it is critical to be prepared when we do have heavy rains. 

Flash flooding can happen quickly, causing thousands of dollars in damage to your business. If you have water that enters your business it is important to make sure that you have the water extracted and prevent more water from entering the building if you are able. 

SERVPRO has the experience and team in place to help get your building dry and back operational. Our team works 24/7 and have can help with any size commercial loss. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at anytime. 

Why hire the Professionals?

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

Hiring professionals to help with mitigation when you have water in business properties is a way to expedite the process of drying the location and reducing the risk of mold growth, regardless of the size of the space.

When you have water in business properties, reducing mold growth is imperative to ward off high restoration costs. With proper tools, mitigation is possible with the assistance of professionals who specialize in flood damage, allowing you to gain peace of mind with less stress and worry altogether.

SERVPRO of Mesa East is ready with the right equipment to dry your company of the flood or broken pipe. Here is a list of some of the equipment we use:

  • Low wattage air movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • EPA registered antimicrobials
  • High powered water extractors
  • Trash pumps for flooded basements or elevator shafts

Meet Our Marketing Team!

1/22/2018 (Permalink)

Vicki, Kelly and Ashley

If you haven't gotten a chance to meet the amazing marketing team for SERVPRO of Mesa East, let me introduce you!

Our long time Sales and Marketing Manager, Kelly Kordick, has been with us for almost 9 years.  She started when she was a Junior at Arizona State University.  Kelly started out marketing to Insurance Agents, but now she specializes in the Property Management Industry as well as handling some of our estimating.  

Our Sales and Marketing Representative, Ashley Gilbreath, has worked for us for over a year now.  She specializes in Insurance Agents and Commercial Marketing.  Ashley graduated from Arizona State University where she majored in Biology and was also on the ASU Dance Team.  

Our Summer Marketing Intern, Vicki Kordick, attends Iowa State University where she is majoring in Business Marketing & Management.  Vicki has worked for SERVPRO in Iowa as well but spends her summers with SERVPRO of Mesa East.  

Happy New Year

1/11/2018 (Permalink)

Our owners, Ray and Tammy, with our Sales & Marketing Manager Kelly (middle).

Hey, friends!

I have slacked, a lot, on this blog.  So here's a resolution for 2018 I will keep:  to blog more on here.  

We ended 2017 with our Christmas Party at Fajitas, which is a SERVPRO family favorite.  (Check out the attached picture of our franchise owners and I).  Now that 2017 is behind us, I am excited about 2018 and looking forward to another great year with SERVPRO.  I am approaching my 9th year (say what?!) with SERVPRO of Mesa East.   

My 2018 SERVPRO resolutions are:

- Stay organized

- Attend more networking functions

- Get the confidence to do Facebook Live, because I hear all of the cool kids are doing it. 

- Start a monthly newsletter with some contests.  If you have any contest ideas, please share!  

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and for trusting SERVPRO of Mesa East with your homes and businesses.  Always remember that we are here for you 24/7. 

Happy 2018, friends! 

- Kelly Kordick

Meet our SERVPRO Mascot!

1/11/2018 (Permalink)

Rocking his SERVPRO leash.

If you follow us on our Facebook page at, you've probably already seen our new furry mascot.  If not, here's Sparky! 

Sparky is our newest team member and he started with us in September, when he was 8 weeks old.  We call him our official mold sniffing dog, but lets be honest, he spends his days at the office playing with his ball and taking naps.

He's attended some property management meetings with Kelly and has also done some route sales.  We think he's the perfet SMR! 

He keeps asking if he can join us at convention in Orlando this year, but unfortunately we have told him he will have to sit this one out.  

If you would like a personal office visit from Sparky, please e-mail Kelly at and they will stop by!

- Kelly