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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Pipe Burst Mesa, Az

This house flooded due to a burst pipe in the ceiling. There were 4 rooms affected and we had to remove the flooring, baseboard, drywall and insulation. The d... READ MORE

Toilet Supply Line in Mesa, AZ

This house flooded due to a toilet supply line and caused 5 rooms to be flooded. The Master Bedroom, two bedrooms, a hallway and bathroom were affected by this... READ MORE

Flooded Bedrooms

This flood was caused by a toilet overflow in the Master Bathroom. It affected the Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Hallway and Hallway Bathroom. American Fam... READ MORE

Supply Line

This residential water damage caused by a supply line turned into a mold remediation. She was a repeat customer fro 2010 and remembered how well we did back th... READ MORE

Commercial Drying

When your business suffers damage due to a water loss, we understand that it is critical to keep your downtime to a minimum. We do everything we can to clean up... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Cleanup

The crew of SERVPRO of Mesa East was called in to clean up and repair this facility after a mold loss that was caused by a damaged pipe that was leaking into th... READ MORE

Equipment On Commercial Water Job

This facility suffered a water loss and the crew of SERVPRO of Mesa East was contacted to handle the cleanup and repair of the facility. As you can see, we brou... READ MORE

Cleaning Carpet After Water Damage

The carpet in this facility was soaked when a pipe burst and caused this floor to flood. SERVPRO of Mesa East was called to clean up the facility and get the bu... READ MORE

Creating The Right Environment For Drying

When you have a large water loss like the facility pictured here, it is critical to make sure that the moisture is removed as quickly as possible in order to pr... READ MORE

Burst Pipe In Commercial Facility

The crew of SERVPRO of Mesa East was called in to repair this facility after a burst pipe caused water damage to the structure. After removing the wet, damaged ... READ MORE

When Dealing With Fire Damage

If your home is damaged by fire, there are several problems you may face. In addition to damage from direct contact with fire, you may find that you have soot, ... READ MORE

Debris Removal

After a fire, there is often large amounts of debris and damaged material that will need to be removed from your home before the home can be repaired. In these ... READ MORE

Cleanup After Fire Damage

When this home suffered damage from a large fire that started in the kitchen and quickly spread to the rest of the house, the crew of SERVPRO of Mesa East was c... READ MORE

Fire Damage To Roof Trusses

A large fire impacted most of the interior of this home and burned into the roof trusses, as you can see from these images. Our team arrived onsite quickly and ... READ MORE

Large Kitchen Fire

This home suffered heavy damage due to a large fire in the kitchen, as you can see from the images. There was lots of debris in the home but our team was able t... READ MORE

Getting Rid Of The Smell Of Smoke

When your home suffers damage from a fire, you will likely be dealing with soot, debris, and smoke damage. Soot and debris are easier to deal with than smoke da... READ MORE

Taking Care Of Mold

No matter where you live, mold is present in every home. Because mold spores are microscopic, you won't be able to see them with the naked eye. Mold spores can ... READ MORE

Moisture And Mold

Mold in your home can usually be found around sinks, tubs, toilets, and any other plumbing fixture. That is because mold thrives in environments where moisture ... READ MORE

Water Loss Causes Mold

This home had a water loss due to a broken pipe that caused flooding that was not immediately found. This resulted in mold growth, as you can see from the image... READ MORE

Using The Right Equipment For The Job

When SERVPRO of Mesa East responds to a mold loss, we will often bring in specialty drying equipment to deal with the presence of moisture in the home. After se... READ MORE

If You Have Mold In Your Home

If you find mold growing in your home, you are going to want to find a reliable mold company to handle the removal of the mold. But with so many new companies p... READ MORE

Storm Damage To Ceiling

The home that is pictured here had a roof that was damaged from previous storms and, as a result, rain water was able to get into the home and cause the damage ... READ MORE

Drying Equipment On Storm Job

In these images, you can see a home that has suffered damage from a storm water intrusion. The crew of SERVPRO of Mesa East was tasked with repairing the home. ... READ MORE

Storm Water Intrusion

When severe storms dumped heavy rains on our area, the water began to back up outside of this home. This caused a storm water intrusion that caused the interior... READ MORE

Repairing Storm Damage

This home suffered heavy storm damage that included the damage you see in the ceiling pictured here. After arriving onsite, our team immediately began working t... READ MORE

Storm Drain Backup

Heavy rains from severe storms carried debris into a storm drain outside this home and caused a blockage. The blockage caused the water to back up and ended up ... READ MORE

Flood Cleanup

This home was flooded by a storm water intrusion and the crew of SERVPRO of Mesa East was tasked with the repair and cleanup. Our team was fast to respond to th... READ MORE

Drying Carpet After Water Loss

The team here at SERVPRO of Mesa East was brought in to clean up and repair this home after a water loss due to a broken pipe. When we arrived, our first priori... READ MORE

Upstairs Water Leak

A leaking pipe upstairs in this home caused the damage you see pictured here. Notice the damage to the ceiling. When the crew of SERVPRO of Mesa East arrived, w... READ MORE

Flood Cuts On Water Job

This home had a water loss in the kitchen when a pipe under the sink broke. The crew of SERVPRO of Mesa East responded quickly and began addressing the situatio... READ MORE